Two Headed Bishounen
Allister Sascha Madison, age 22, actual cross-dressing maid house-husbando anime cat boy, very sad, very sparkly, neutrois trans boy, he/him/his or ze/zir/zirs.
this is a public service announcement:

I am not a girl. I am not a lady. Please don’t call me “girl”. If you slip up and say “mm qurl you lookin’ so flyyy” or something like that, it’s fine, just correct yourself next time, but please, please, PLEASE don’t continually call me that, on purpose, multiple times in a row, knowing full well that is NOT WHAT I AM, because I know this seems like a small, silly, trivial thing, but I can’t explain the extent of the effect it actually has on me. It hurts. It fucking hurts. Stop it now.

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  2. mxtori said: That’s the most frustrating thing in the work for me. I will stop being nice to you for that.
  3. gothiccharmschool said: While I try to refer to people by the gender they are, I’ve noticed that my default is to just call people “sweetie” or “pumpkin”. Is that just as bad? /clueless
  4. nurseofgreenmeadow said: can i call you pony?
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