Two Headed Bishounen
Allister Sascha Madison, age 22, actual cross-dressing maid house-husbando anime cat boy, very sad, very sparkly, neutrois trans boy, he/him/his or ze/zir/zirs.


"Can’t a tree ever just be a tree?"

The answer is no, and also “see you in hell”.

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Sorry this doesn’t have a cut, wifi is down so I’m using my phone
buuuut anyway

I don’t want to be seen or heard or

i dunno, anything, like I’m semi-dead and listless all the time and it’s getting so old and I’m getting old and if I’m supposed to be young and full of verve now then I can’t imagine what kind of zombie I’ll be when I’m actually old and tired or w/e

like I’d rather be a real human, like one who can do things and think things and have a personality, or a screaming destructo-creature, or something else like a plant, or 100% actually dead, and not whatever-the-fuck this is supposed to be

everything keeps happening and moving faster and faster and I’m left behind trying to exist and failing continually and this is such a stupid fucking post I’m sorry

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todbrowning:dude do you have 3ds? what's yr friend code?

heck yes i do!! it’s 3454-1218-9561 EVERYONE ADD ME WE CAN TRADE POKEMON IF I EVER FIND THE BOX THAT HAS IT (i’m 100% harvest moon lately lol)

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cishets: “”“CISHETS aren’t the ones oppressing you!!! uwu”“”

then who is? humpback whales? cellular devices?? scented candles???

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all you girls out there had that stage where you played online dress up games dont even lie

what do you mean had

what do you mean girls

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